Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I have learned while in Oklahoma - according to Melissa

1.     Armadillos can’t cross the road. They are much like raccoons with funerals street side.

2.     Black soled shoes can actually beginning burning your feet if you are in the sun long enough in triple digit heat.

3.     I cannot seem to be able to pronounce any towns with Native American names. My phonics skills aren’t cuttin’ it down here in this regard.

4.     A comforter can dry on the clothesline in about 20 minutes. See #2.

5.     Cave crickets, oh how I hate thee. Nothing will stop these little spawns of satan from lurking into our home.

6.     Copperhead snakes are poisonous and seem to enjoy taking up residence in our back yard.

7.     A little paint and a deep cleaning can turn a house into a home.

8.     Air conditioning is one of the best inventions of all time. Second only to the refrigerator. See #2.

9.     Toll Roads are a huge annoyance.  It cost us about $16 to go to Oklahoma City and back.  That seems a little much people.

10.  I will never complain about the BMV in Indiana or Ohio again.  Compared to the system here in Oklahoma, the BMV in IN and OH is like a drive-thru McDonalds. Here you have to go to 3 different places to complete the process and you must arrive an hour before it opens to get in line so that you can be seen that day. Example – the first day we arrived to the place to sign up to get our license we got there about 10 in the morning only to be told that we were too late. I stated… I thought you didn’t close until 3:30? There response… we do, but we already have all the people we can see today. True story.

11.  Sixty people can eat and clean up from the meal, meaning ALL dishes, sweep, set the table for the next meal, put all left overs away in about 40 minutes. Quite a circus act, but it all gets accomplished.

12.  Do NOT admit to a house full of teenage boys that you are afraid of bugs. Teenage boys might not remember to pick up their laundry, but they do NOT forget this valuable weakness.

13.  Teenage boys make great exterminators.

14.  Mazzio’s makes delicious calzones and on Thursday night, they are only $6.

15.  God is good, all the time. It is so great to be doing something He has put into place. We are so happy to be doing His work here at Cookson Hills.


  1. Wow...I didn't know most of that! It's great to hear your perspective of your 'new' life. miss you bunches!!!

  2. I heard that there are spiders there...lots of them and they are big :O