Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beef Jerky

Here at Cookson Hills we are so very blessed with many churches and individuals from all over the country who give so much of their hard earned money and time to donate to our ministry.  I could sit here and write about story after story of needs that have been met through donations from people that are perhaps just like you.  People that have a little extra and decide they want to be a blessing.  Tonight, I will tell you of our most recent story.

This week we were blessed to add another addition to our ever growing family. Brandon and this gentleman were making their way to the campus “food store” for his first trip to help stock up on food for the week. On the way there Brandon is telling him what it’s like…

“Basically people donate food to Cookson and we get to take what we need for the week for our family. Everything is free to us and you never know what you will get.”

“Do they ever have beef jerky?”

“Well, we have been here over a year and a half and I can honestly say we have never got beef jerky, so I highly doubt it.”

As they get the basket that is prepared for us, what’s on the top?  You guessed it, Beef Jerky.

Later that night I said, “Well, it looks like God is telling you He will take care of you and He has you right where He wants you.”  He smiled largely and said, “I think you are right on that one.”

Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for donating that beef jerky.  God used you to provide peace and certainty during a rather difficult time for a young man who needed just that.  May we all listen to the Holy Spirit and provide a little “beef jerky” as we love on those who aren’t as fortunate.  Thank you Jesus.