Monday, January 7, 2013

You know you're a Jackson if...

While sitting in the living room over Christmas break the kids came up with this list and are insisting I add it to the blog. Enjoy!

You know you are a Jackson if...

  • you have ever gone to your front porch to make 'Squatch' calls
  • you come as a thug and leave as a cowboy
  • you are told you're loved too much to argue
  • you have piles of boxes of Cheese It crackers in your laundry room
  • when new kids come and ask us old kids if we are staff kids
  • you look at the Christmas tree cross-eyed to get a cool effect of the lights
  • you hear a scream and you instantly think, "There must be a mouse!"
  • you see an elf in the Christmas cookies and don't think anything of it
  • you get excited about bagel sandwiches
  • you've ever had to "Webster" an unknown word (while other's are chanting, "Webster, Webster, Webster...")
  • you ask for someone to pass you a roll and it literally gets passed to you
  • at least 4 people seem to touch your food before you do
  • you've ever asked for "all that jazz" at the table and ended up with EVERYTHING in front of you
  • you've ever played "patty feet"
  • Makayla has lost something of yours and you find it because Uncle Denny is wearing/using it  and my personal favorite...
  • you have ever made the mistake of giving mom a 'wet willy' and then had to clean her ear (she's not kidding)
Hope you all had a great holiday season enjoying the gift of Jesus! (Melissa)