Monday, April 2, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It’s springtime. Tulips, sunshine, mowing, campfires... Summer is just around the corner and our winter blues are dwindling. Everyone enjoys spring, right? I am quickly learning that spring also brings graduation and with that comes mixed emotions as many students complete their time here at Cookson. It is very bitter sweet in a way. You watch a child come into our care confused and looking for answers in all the wrong places and over time watch them grow to become a young adult with tools in their belt to help prepare them for the world. You just pray that something clicked and as they venture out into the world that they are able to use some of the tools they have learned to help them make Christ-like choices.

Last fall we had some students join our family from other homes on campus, some of which were well into their plan of care. Which means that, even though we’ve been at Cookson a relatively short time, earlier in February and again in a few short weeks we will say goodbye to a member of our family.

It comes with a lot of mixed emotions. We are very happy for what they have accomplished. We celebrate their success and are excited that they achieved the goals that they had set when they first arrived here. However we are also sad that we are losing a member of our family. Each child brings something to the house and everyone’s personalities mix to create our family “vibe”, so to speak. The young man that will be leaving in a few weeks is a leader in our home and is always willing to help out when needed. He has a smile and a sense of humor that will not be forgotten. He is very respectful and expects the same for those around him. He has big plans and we look forward to seeing them blossom. With a sad but proud heart, we will all say goodbye to a great big brother.

We aren’t the only ones saying goodbye to someone we love. Many goodbyes will be said in the next few months throughout campus. Through the tears, smiles, and well wishes my prayer is that they are able to move forward knowing they are loved by someone much greater than us. Someone who will stay with them no matter how many miles they are from Kansas, Oklahoma. The Creator of all things bright and beautiful desires them to draw closer today, tomorrow, and forever. (Melissa)